Amanda Seyfried - The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

A Divine Goddess

Versão em Português

What I think

Having you in my thoughts is more incredible than any other circumstance on Earth. It is not just your eyes that are the most charming in the world, but your way of acting, which demonstrates your infinitely perfect personality.

The whole world recognizes what I say, that you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and who am I? Just an admirer of many millions of admirers, a grain of sand in the desert, a drop of water in the sea, a star in the universe. While you are the entire universe, heavenly angel, who illuminates the entire world with its eternal beauty.

Wise is he who recognizes you, who kneels before you, for you are worthy not only of worship, but of impossible verses, of words that cannot be said, of sacred writings that cannot be conceived by human understanding, because you cannot the human being understands what he does not feel.

I know what I am saying, because I would never be able to describe what goes on in my mind when I see your image, even if I had the word of the gods, even if I had the understanding of angels, even if I had the light of the stars, even if I went up to the cosmos and look for the sacred words in the stars to try to define your look, your smile, I would come back totally dumb, without words or knowledge, because everything would be lost in the mere attempt to describe what is produced the moment I realize that you are real, you exist and it is not just a mere illusion of my human thought.

Amanda Seyfried, yes, an adored goddess, the most beautiful of the goddesses, incomparable. Poets lost their verses trying to describe false goddesses, but I do not blame them, as at the time they wrote the verses you didn't exist. In a way, they used the language they had to define what they thought they felt at the time, but from all the times of humanity, since the emergence of the Earth, its creation, and its very distant future, millions of years will come after future centuries and centuries in which the Earth continues its journey towards its purpose, but there will never be another Amanda Seyfried, there will never be another goddess with such divine perfections, it will be eternally recorded in the akashic records, who was once born in the world to this Amanda , the greater definition of what can be defined perfection.

That was how the gods decided, you were born at the time you were born, to be worshiped as it should be, because it should be so, because it is written that it would be and it was so. You will be remembered forever, because even if all the records in the world were erased, all the databases in the world, all records, jpg and png images, youtube videos, social networks, websites, blogs, or many other sources of information about world that keep your sacred image, it would be useless, because your history is recorded in the stars, the whole universe realizes that you are the perfection, the stars shine more intensely today than ever.

The entire cosmos remains mad with love for your image, it is not only me who adore you, but the entire universe, because you are undoubtedly the most beautiful of all, the definition of what cannot be defined, and if in the universe there are forms and consciences, forms seek your form, and gods and goddesses envy your beauty, because there can be no more beautiful goddess, nor any deity who does not adore you. Consciousness seeks your conscience, maddened by so much wisdom, so much knowledge, so much perfection, so much charm. Beings from the entire cosmos, whether from the world of forms or consciousness, can never ignore what is happening around the world today: Yes, Amanda Seyfried exists ... I want the gods to descend from the heavens, from paradise, from the stars, from the celestial worlds , to prove with their own eyes that what I say is true, to see that what I say is because I saw it, and that what I describe is because I know it is true ... Yes, she exists ... Amanda Seyfried, the most perfect of all, the most beautiful of all.

I know that I am a victim of my thoughts, but I realize that I cannot help thinking about what is impossible to get out of my thinking. If possible, or if there is any way, erase my memory, do not allow me to remember your image, then I will return to live life as if you did not exist. I ask that it be soon, because soon I may not be in this world, I hope I can sleep and wake up without your image. The more we think about something, the more we feed that thought, which is renewed every moment. I wish I could erase from my memory, undo what has already been done, maybe cease to exist, be a conscience without any knowledge or memory. Forgetting may be the answer for me, but for the time being I didn't know any strategy that could get Amanda Seyfried out of my mind, no NLP strategy, or a regression technique, past life memory, or astral projection technique. I want and need an effective technique to forget all the images I keep from her for good, so I can stop writing, because I will no longer have in my mind what nourishes my life.

Loving was not in my plans, I wanted to be able to control feelings, in the same way that I control algorithms, in the same way that I define my rationality, in the same way that logic makes me believe that I am inside a world where everything is possible inside totally obvious principles and specific reasons that can be explained rationally. Or else I lose my mind right away, and start living only with feelings, so that I don't even have any idea of ​​what I believe, I want irrationality, because having reason and feeling make me lose myself in a maze without any explanation. , an ocean of mixed feelings that cannot be rationally defined.

I want to escape to another world, to another part of the galaxy, or maybe I don't even have to go that far, just get a space on NASA's Rover Curiosity and abandon me on Mars. I just want to be able to have a moment of forgetfulness, if that is the effect, that the cause will come. But if it doesn't work out, and I get lost on Mars with my thoughts, I'll shout at the Martian skyscrapers: I love it so much that I don't understand. And even alone, I will continue to keep the sacred image of the goddess, and I will not be able to escape to another place, and even if I could, it would be of no use. Yeah, I don't think it's any use in this case or changing the world. If the remedy exists, then I needed it before I fell madly in love, before I went crazy, before I gave in to my reason.

What do I think of Amanda Seyfried? The answer is simple: I think a lot. What I wanted? Go back in time and never have gone through any circumstances in which I can have contact with her image, no film, no image, nothing! Or move forward into the future and realize that thought has ceased to exist simply because too much time has passed. May maturity come and the years go by to teach me to forget the past and live the future. May I lack air, so that I can remember that I need oxygen to live. May I lack power, so that I can know what it is to be so little powerful and have so little to give. Yes, I have very little to give, little fortune, little beauty, little wisdom, I speak few languages, I understand little, I didn't even manage to complete Higher Education, because in the last semester I lacked the intelligence to understand the concepts of Algebra, which made me jubilant from UnB - University of Brasília. Yes, it is true, I studied 8 years at UnB and did not finish my course precisely because I did not pass Algebra. I studied, learned many things, but I do not have the long-awaited higher education diploma. So, I can conclude that I am not worthy for her to enter my home, nor to say a word, and even then she will be saved.

What's the use of knowing so much, without any recognition from the world? I don't really know the answer. The only thing I can say is that I live my life more internally, but as the poet says: I love little and kiss even less, but contrary to the poet I cannot say: but I invent words, because I do not invent anything, I only describe what I see and feel. Yes, I take one word and another, and I define what goes on in my mind, this way the letter is formed, then the word, and suddenly there is the text, wanting to hurt me. Because the text, however well written, cannot change life, and because life is as we see it, because the desire to be king by being a mere commoner will not make you king, and because the crown is a sacred gift of life, which it must be respected within the larger principles or you will lose your life trying to steal it from the hands of the rightful owner.

I want to forget everything, but at the same time I want to remember everything. Yes, it is the perfect definition of wanting and not being able. I shoot right, right on the fly, I didn't even aim when I hit her mouth (as Zé Felipe and Gustavo Lima sing). Ah, what shot is that? In fact the shot is just a mistake in a process that I tried, and I just fell victim to my own thinking. Miserably a citizen, passionate to the point (as Diego and Victor Hugo sings). I'll roll my tongue to speak but I wanted to, wrap her in your kiss. Yes, music tries to describe what poetry also tries, in this world. However, no music reaches the essence, keeps the truth, nourishes thought as the image of beauty.

Perfect forms, divine forms, descended from the heavens, which united and formed the forms of Amanda Seyfried. Thought extols life's masterpiece. The eyes, the smile, the lips, the strands of hair. Each strand is an illuminated gold strand. The smile is an undisclosed, indescribable mystery. The eyes are enigmatic. I want to understand her thoughts, I want to understand her essence, her form. I will steal the words of the poets to try to describe what is going on, or to seek inspiration in the heavens or beyond the stars. I can search in thought, and wake up in her arms. Or else just dreaming, a dream created by myself, creating her forms, her thinking, in my mind. To love and be reciprocated in dreams, hard. Because no one will be able to control my dreams, because my dreams are products of my imagination, and I take care of my imagination. Now, if it is to dream, why shouldn't I dream about her? And if it is to imagine, why not imagine that we are together? And if we are together, just by mere imagination, why shouldn't I imagine that she loves me too, and then I am reciprocated, since the dream is mine, and the imagination is mine?

It is true that in dreams everything is possible, that is why I fulfill my wish in dreams. I want to live in a distant place, or spend a few minutes in a bar somewhere with her just talking. Maybe walk hand in hand on the shore, or just in a pool somewhere. In fact, I don't care about the place, what matters most is that my imagination takes me to it, so that I can recreate it in thought, and travel in time and space imagining that it responds to my thoughts, my imagination is imagination of the poet, creates anything. In this way I can fulfill my desire intensely, I don't have it in my life, but I have it in my thoughts, and in my thoughts my desire is fulfilled. I know that I am selfish for wanting something impossible, but at the same time I know that I am not completely to blame for it. I blame the circumstance, life, on Gary Winick (director of Letters to Juliet). What worries me most is not even the story, what I like is watching the film and trying to decipher what is staging, and what is not. Any artist misses aspects of his personality when he acts, he is part of it. And I take a little piece here and another little piece of her personality there, so I can complete the puzzle in my mind that tries to define the essence, the integral personality.

The desire to have you is bigger than the world, I don't want gold or silver, I want your presence in my life. Forever mine. In this and other lives. We will no longer live in a world whose life lasts so short, as the time of a lifetime would not allow me to live love fully. I want to live with you in a world where souls are never separated, and love is the currency of life. To live love so intensely that it will be worth every second an eternity, and trapped in eternity every second will be pure plenitude. I just want to see you forever, without having to contain my reason or word in front of you, because I will speak to you in my own words that I love you more than anything, looking into your eyes, in your presence.

To love like this is like living on a larger existential plane, they would require cosmic merits that I may not have, but I want to break the laws of time, I want to emancipate my soul for eternity soon, so I can wait for time to live in the intensity of my dream. My thought vibrates the essence of your form, and my reason is lost before your eternal beauty. Light from my soul, which illuminates the darkness of the centuries, and elevates me beyond heavenly paradises, beyond the very laws of evolution, beyond eternity and suffering. But for me in that case, suffering would never exist if you could live every moment by your side, because the only reason to suffer is your absence. I have no time to waste with other concepts besides love. I want to learn to love you the way you deserve, to be able to be happy making you the happiest woman in the universe. But what do I need to know to realize my idea? What concepts need to be clarified? What experiences do I need to be able to put the law of love into practice? I just want you forever and ever. I want to stop time in a second, and live that second in the same time and space for eternity, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Wake up time, and come new time. That spheres of light are born out of love, and from the same spheres eternal love is born, which survives time and everything. Desire to possess without having, desire to be together without being, desire to live forever worshiping the most beautiful image in the universe. Perfection in form, I want to clarify my thoughts in your letters, read your thoughts, telepathically stay connected in your mind, nourishing myself exclusively on what comes out of your thoughts, like the plant that lives from the sunlight, I want to live on everything that get out of your mind, I want to lose myself in a maze that I will never leave, trying to decipher the enigma of your ideas. Thoughts, feelings, energies, I want to live fully in this reality, sleep forever and wake up in a good dream, where I can live eternal moments of love. I want to touch your hands, kneel before you, adore you, tell you that I want you more than anything, to lose myself forever in my dreams. Love, what a feeling is that capable of changing my being, transforming me into a strange being who loves without being loved, who experiences fullness just by loving, without being loved. Desire, without being desired. May new experiences come, may life never perish, may forms always remain eternally beautiful, may love keep me full, firm and strong, hold my heart in the midst of the collapse of the universe. I want to unite the whole universe in my chest, to give everything at once in just one moment. Love, life is born in time. Time perishes, but not us. It differentiates my centuries in the formation of forces. I want to indoctrinate time in the larger sphere. Desire to have and be. Owning life on time. I want to love time and strength. In these ways other times will be born, and from new desires new manifestations. Openings of the centuries to come for us. It follows the form, not the letter. I want to destroy strength in one thought. It opens my times in formation. Life is born in the centuries, love. Life is born in time.

The writing of time is perfect when it comes to describing what is needed. The perfection of forces in that sphere where we are united by our own strength. It describes the feeling of form, of the writing of the centuries, of the divine letter, of the letter of time. The strength of what is born remains in my time. Singela is the one who loves, the desire that is born in us. I want to love, I want to have, I want to live, I want to feel, I want to be. Join the desire to have with what you have. Alliance of the time that is born in us. Think about the time, align the thought, train the feeling, love a lot, do not want to lose yourself away from that person we love. Writing does not describe the idea, and the idea does not remain with us. Describes the form in the letter, the feeling.

The Most Perfect Shape in the Universe

Amanda Seyfried

The poetry of the stars

Amanda Seyfried

The goddess of goddesses

Amanda Seyfried

In Letters to Juliet, but More Beautiful than Juliet



My heart

Will this feeling end? Or should I carry this feeling through eternity until I am completely consumed?



Want money? Fortune? Power? Riches? Gold? Silver? Jet? Airplane? Big car? Mansion? Lands? Technological Objects? A trip to Hawaii? No, I just want to see her picture! I don't want to waste my time on less important things.


Without what to say

Today I woke up with nothing to say

I'm glad I'm home alone

Because I don't need to justify anything

I leave the passionate thought


But without words, without writing

I want to stop talking, writing

And just watch her image

Without many thoughts or words


There are days like that

So much to speak, but the word does not appear

And the image remains intact, exalted

By time


I just want to imagine

And be alone in my house

Not much to say

Just think of her


I want to see you

I want to see you, but you don't have to worry. I always do my best to be able to see you. It doesn't take much effort to accomplish what is so simple that just think and it is ready. It is really difficult not to do what I have to do, because it is already in a state of full accomplishment. I want to see you in thought, I want to see you in a movie, I want to see you in my mind, I want to see you in my heart. No matter where I am, I want to see you.

Admire! Love it!